Thursday, August 13, 2009


What can i say - i have found a new e learning tool that i feel comfortable using. Actually what i'm really trying to say is a tool i can use!! Voki's are a great way to communicate and interact both in the classroom and on a personal level. Just recently in a group assignment we used a voki as the hook of our presentation, i felt this was a great way to engage the audience and get their attention. Siemens, 2003 suggests that learning is viewed as multi-faceted and particular tasks define which approach to learning is most appropriate to the learner. We need to incorparte a variety of ways to accomodate the learning process. A voki could be used in many different ways to benefit the learning potential of students. It is a great way to introduce a lesson or use throughout, it can disguise a child therefore enahncing a shy students learning in the class and i feel probably one of the most important uses of a voki would be for students who have poor reading skills. According to Becta 2001 'the use of ICT's in the classroom have the potential to enhance learners' academic achievment when effectively integrated into the curriculum.' A voki has all the dimensions needed to maximise students learning, it caters for most learning styles and most of all students will have fun creating and using a voki.


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