Thursday, August 13, 2009

Image Manipulation

Hi all

Ever thought gee that is a bad photo?!! Well what can i say, image manipulation is the answer to all those bad photos we never want anyone to see!! It is easy and i found it very quick to upload photos onto my Picnik acocunt. What a fantastic tool to use for anyone. I think i could spend hours on this site creating a new photo from my already existing photos and actually feel like i have accomplished something at the end.

This tool could be used many ways in the classroom. I would love to try it out as i'm fairly sure you would have the full attention of the students. It is a fun and interactive way for students to become more creative, feel like an artist and enage with ICT's in the classroom. The more familiar children become with ICT's and the more ways we can engage them through the use of sites such as Picnik, the more a child will gain and extend their knowledge. Improving student learning is the one things we as future educators need to be aware of and ensure this is happening in the classroom. According to Hennessy etal 'Teachers need to emphasize both the use of ICT to enhance and extend existing classroom practice.' Picnik is a great way to introduce students to the world of image manipulation!!


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