Thursday, August 13, 2009


Wow, another great site to help manage and store information. Flickr is a fantastic place to store photos and share them with friends and family. It would be a good way to monitor the photos you wanted people to have access to by only allowing the selected category - family/friends to view your photos. I am not sure if this privacy setting would allow use within our schools -can anyone answer this for me??!!

Flickr allows you to set up friends and groups on the site. Educators would be able to set up their own groups and have discussions on matters that are concerning them. Or alternatively this is another great social site to communicate with friends. Flickr is a great tool for communication and collaboration. Collaboration, according to the National Staff Development Council, 2009
'some of the most important forms of professional learning and problem solving occur in group settings. Organized groups provide the social interaction that often deepens learning and the interpersonal support and synergy necessary for creatively solving the complex problems of teaching and learning.' By forming groups and broadening our knowledge bank, we are able to gain more information and expand our own understandings of the related topic.

Flickr is a starting point for anyone to get connected to the Cyber world and communicate with others. I can't wait to have more time to explore Flickr.


Collaboration Skills, retrieved on August 13, 2009 from:

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