Thursday, August 13, 2009


It is the year 2009 and lets admit, a powerpoint is one of the most common tools we see used these days. They can provide a great backup for presentations but they can also become very boring if they have too much information on them. I would say it is safe to say most children, especially younger years would switch off with a slide full of writing! However if used correctly and this will depend on each person as an individual a powerpoint is a great way for students to receive information. My grade one class is in the process of making a powerpoint for the second time this year and they are loving it. Some students become very easily frustrated but when they can see what other studetns have created they then become determined to learn about making a powerpoint. This is a great lesson to focus ont the Habit of Mind, to persevere. By encouraging students to persist and continue to use this tool they become aware of how fun and exciting ICT's can be to use. Marzano & Pickering state that 'when you persevere, you re more likely to gain knowledge and skills that at first may seem too difficult to understand or master.' I think this not only reflects how a student can feel about using ICT's in the classroom and how we need to provide positive reinforcement for them to keep going at a task but is also something we as adults need to think about. Do we give up too easily..........??


Marzano,R. & Pickering, D. 1997. Dimensions of learning teachers manual. Aurora, CO:McRel

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