Tuesday, August 18, 2009

File Storage

Mediafire is a great place to store important documents or just a good place to store information, you could consider mediafire as a place to add documents for extra backup. You can upload any file onto mediafire, therefore creating more space on your own computer or USB stick. 'Digital media has changed; rich media and large documents require larger files and more storage space.' (Mediafire, 2006-2009) With the upward trend of technology we need more space on our computer and we need to know that our documents are secure when we store them.

You could use mediafire in the classroom as a place to upload and store photos from excursions and any other activities completed relating to the excursion. I would probably like to keep the information stored to the same topic. Children could then choose the excursion they wish to view on and continue to add information to this. It could be made into an ongoing journal/document where students add all the information they need to complete a final task. They can continue to refer back to the documents they have stored on mediafire.

I have started by adding my class checklist for this year. I always need to refer back to this to add information about each student. It will be a lot easier for me now to keep all the documentation relating to my class in one area. The checklist i have included is only the names of the students. For privacy rights i have not included the lists with updated information.

I think this is a great tool to introduce into the classroom as there are endless ideas and opportunities available for using mediafire.

URL for class checklis:

Mediafire, 2006-2009. Cited on August 18, retrieved from:

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