Monday, August 17, 2009

Youtube & Teachertube

YouTube and Teachertube are two websites that allow you to share, view and upload videos. Teachertube is based on Youtube but has more of an educational focus. Both sites are a great way to engage learners and make a task more relevant to the learner. According to professor Joan Cybela, variety is an essential ingredient for learning. By using a variety of teaching tools and methods it will add to the stimulation of the leaner. By including visual, auditory, reading-writing and kinesthetic dimensions in the learning experience, it will help generate learning! Youtube and Teachertude are both great ways to engage learners.

I think Youtube and Teachertube will be used world wide for a very long time. There is so much information we can get from these sites to use in the classroom. The clip i have chosen would relate to a SOSE unit. I would probably use it in the middle to upper levels of a primary school. The clip would be used as a 'hook' for the unit of work relating to - who helps us in our community with a focus on the emergency services.

The URL is :


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  1. Hi Jasmin,

    That clip would work as a great 'hook'! YouTube and TeacherTube are wonderful resources.



  2. Hi Kira

    I think anything other than chalka nd talk is a great 'hook' but do think youtubes always get the attention of any audience, especially children!!