Monday, August 17, 2009


So i have just learnt that i may have been a little confused at the beginning of this course. I was unaware of the differences between a Wiki and Wikepedia. Wikipedia ia a free encyclopedia built collaboratively using Wiki software. (Wikipedia, 2008) It is a quick and simple way to access information on the internet. If you are using this in the classroom, students need to be made aware that not everything is correct on wikipedia as anyone can access this site and change to informaion. However wikipedia is a great starting point to find some basic information or resources needed to complete the task.

You could introduce wikipedia into the classroom by allowing students to find the initial information on their own using wikipedia and then coming together as a group and elaborating on their findings and working out the 'what next' step for the task set.

If you have any great ideas on usng Wikipedia in the classroom especially the younger years i would love you to share them with me as i am a little stuck for ways to introduce this to the younger years.

Many thanks.

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  1. Hi Jazmin, I too have a younger class and was wondering how to utilise this tool. I decided to look up some of the authors of childrens picture books. through thid one search i found links to numerous other sites and resources that are child friendly. I even believe by checking it all out before hand you could set it wikipedia up on an iteractive white board or digital projection and show younger ones how each link takes you to a new and interesting site, But as I said you would need to do your research first and know where each link was going to take you.
    Blog looks great, keep up the good work.