Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Music on the Web

Music is another fantastic way we can engage our learners. Music can create the atmosphere within a classroom and help guide the way we want people to feel. If we want a calm classroom environment we put on relaxing music, if we want people to get active we choose a fast pace piece of music.

Until a recent lecture at University i was completely oblivious to the copyrights that went with downloading music. Actually i was unaware of almost all copyrights relating to images, videos and music. I did not realise how strict this was and am extremely grateful to have this knowledge now. Like most people i would have just been downloading and using what i felt i needed to make my learning experiences better.

I found planty of music i could use in the classroom and for all different reasons. I like the idea of using music to change an activity, especially when children are completing rotation activities. However i have chosen a piece in the Children's music called - They eyes of an angel. I would use this after a lunch break with the younger years to calm them down and prepare their minds for the learning activities they are about to complete.

I like to use music in the classroom whenever possible and appropriate. I think it adds a whole new dynamic to the learning experiences and in most cases the children love it!!

I would love to here how other people use music in the classroom...



  1. Hi Jasmin,
    Feel free to check out my blog posting on Music in the classroom. I have found music to be a great tool for early childhood education. I'm an avid user of music in my program as i believe it fosters the development of gross motor skills as well as teaching them about rhythm, movement and timing. I often use scarves for the students and invite them to move around to the feeling of the music. What's even better is that, it's great fun for everyone!

  2. Thank Antoinette - sounds great! Like you i love music in the classroom, it can add so much more to the classroom climate and how the children are feeling. I know how i feel when i listen to music so like you i am all for using a variety of tunes in the room.
    Thanks again for your ideas.