Monday, July 27, 2009


Wiki is classified as 'the free encyclopedia' - is this true? I definitely think it is very useful for those who can't access books or don't have the time to search through the books. It allows people to use the website and edit or create most databases. It is a great example of collaborative learning and this is how we could include it in our classrooms. By allowing students to set up a wiki and research a topic in their own time they would also be involved in group work by creating and editing work on the wiki website. Research shows that students benefit from collabrative learning experiences so why not bring ICT's into the learning design as well and allow students to experiement with these learning tools? Three simple steps and edit, write and save, this really should be made availbale for all students.

So why has it taken so long for many of us to even create a wiki and realise there are many tools available to help us either a) further develop our own knowledge, skills and understanding of technology or b) include them in our learning design to help maximise learning opportunities for our students. This i can only answer on a personal level and wonder if technology is moving so rapidly that once we have gained an understanding of one concept, very soon another version is released and we have to start all over again. The question i ask - could this be the reason so many of us avoid confrontation with technology???

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  1. Hi Jasmin,
    I would have to agree with you on that one. I think we are all afraid of the unknown which is why a lot of the digital immigrants are still digital immigrants. I didn't know Wiki's existed until I started this course. Yes it is difficult to keep up with technologies especially the rapid rate in which they are updated. Part of me thinks there are too many braniac's out there competing for the dollar. I do think there is a place for all this technology however who will the digital natives be super-seeded by?????
    Melody x